chasing the ultimate dream before backpack and baby


Grayson, this letter is to you as a reminder that God loves writing incredible stories. A reminder that He loves showing you that He has what it takes and in turn you have what it takes because He is always right within you.  Embrace the adventure my son.  I promise it will be worth it and here is proof..

It feels like it was just yesterday that I loaded up my car to make the drive to take your mom to dinner for the first time.  You will have moments in your life that will define you.  This was one of those moments for me.  I was terrified of having my heart broken again. Terrified of God taking me on this long adventure only for me to be left empty handed once again.  It was a Sunday morning that Saban and I began our journey to Houston, Texas to meet your mom in person for the first time. We had Starbucks in hand and nothing but open road ahead of us.  I had a lot of time to think about what it would be like to meet your mom for the first time.  Many things ran through my mind; none of which really mattered because God had a plan long before I even contemplated this journey. It took me nineteen hours and some change to finally reach Houston and when I got there I had to wait a few more hours before your mom got off from work to meet me.  I paced the floor of our friends house nervously and anxiously awaiting her arrival.  She knocked on the door and took my breath away. We hugged and then she looked me and said, "I broke a heel".  I should have known then that our life together would be nothing short of laughter, joy and unexpected broken heels.

At dinner we talked about life, love, food, family and dreams.  We asked each other questions that were the "in person questions".  The questions that got passed the surface and really got down to who both of us really are.  Your mom and I talked for what seemed like hours and you should know that at the end of that first date I did not kiss your mom. I hugged her for as long as I could in that moment and then she drove off.  The days following defined our relationship and when the time came for me to leave and make the long drive back to North Carolina I knew that she was "the one."  The weeks that followed were a blur.  Everything happened fast and before we knew it we were engaged.  Some felt that it was too fast and that we needed to put the breaks on.  There will be moments in life where people will come to you and say that same thing.  Take them to this letter. Tell them that your mom and dad became best friends and fell in love over FaceTime and that their dating relationship consisted of airplane rides from the East coast to the Plains of Texas.  Tell them your parents looked those people in the face and told them, "you just don't get it. This is what love looks like." Tell them that your mom and dad met, dated and were married in less that a year because they knew it was right. Tell them your dad taught you that a woman deserves to be pursued and that chivalry will not die.  Let them know that you are not afraid to look fear in the face and to go after what you know is right.  We live in a society were people have forgotten that dreams like this do exist and that love stories like this are not just for the movies because your parents love story was written by the greatest playwright, God. A woman deserves to be fought for, to be pursued, to be loved and to be looked at like she is the only woman in the room.

Grayson, your mom for me is the ultimate dream.  She is the essence of what a man looks for in a wife. Her beauty is more captivating the greatest of sunrises on the beach and is more breathtaking that any sunset in the mountains.  She is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  Your mother is the strongest woman I know and loves me more than I deserve. For as long as I can remember all I wanted to do was to be a husband and a father.  I had to wait for just the right time but when the time came boy was it worth the wait. 

Here is to you and your ultimate dream. I promise when the time comes for you to pursue your beautiful bride, it will have been worth the wait.

I love you! - Dad