climbing mountains and chasing dreams with backpack and baby

Recently I came across a post where someone said "dreams are nothing without action."  I read that a few times and then sat there looking at my word wall full of motivational and inspirational quotes and sayings. I've had them for years and until we moved into this new place I had well over 40 quotes for my wall but when I was putting it up this last time I realized that I needed specific sayings to be reminded of each day.  I had a new season I was embarking on and in this season I needed be reminded to chase my dreams and to not be afraid of them. Recently as I sat drinking coffee and pondering my next steps I found myself fixated on the one that simply says "you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."  

The idea of being strong as a husband, a teacher, and a friend have always seemed somewhat easy. I never have a problem encouraging and motivating others to be strong for those around them and to fight for their dreams but when I landed on being strong as a parent that spooked me.  You see raising a child challenges you to be stronger than you've ever been but also more vulnerable that you may have ever allowed yourself to be.  You have teach them right from wrong and you have show them that mountains are merely an obstacle that you must climb in order to get to you final destination; your dream.  Some say dreams should always be unreachable; I disagree.  I think reaching a dream allows you to have the confidence to continue to dream bigger.  

I started dreaming years ago about what I wanted my life to look like and all the things I wanted to accomplish.  I was determined, headstrong and willing to sacrifice for the greater goal.  You see the action towards a dream cannot be taught, it's inside you and it is waiting for that moment to come out.  Eight months ago I found myself looking in the mirror and realizing my dreams as a twenty something man had come true and as I held my baby boy in my arms for the first time I thought two things; one: patience gives you the greatest rewards and two: God is real.  I knew both of these before this moment but it was this moment that gave me the reminder I needed for this next season. The reminder to get back to believing that mountains were merely an obstacle I have to climb in order for my dreams to come true.

Tonight, I sit with my son, my backpack not far from reach, and rest easy knowing that the next dream is not far from reach.  I take comfort knowing that I get to be strong and vulnerable for a son that will rise up into his greatness and won't just talk about the dreams he has but he will climb those mountains and make his dreams become a reality.  

Here's to climbing mountains and making dreams come true.