backpack meets baby


I never understood how important a backpack was until a few years ago when I started traveling all over the place.  My backpack has become my safety net.  I was working with an actress recently and she happened to ask for something random and I was like, "yeah, I have that in my backpack." She laughed and said, "you're going to be a great dad.  You have everything you need in that backpack."  Sure enough, she is right, I do.  I carry everything from snacks, to first aid kits, all kinds of medicine, computer, money, extra clothes, and now I carry all essential baby items; diapers, wipes, rash name, I probably have it. I never would have called myself a planner but I guess when I think about it, I am.  I like to make sure if I am ever stranded somewhere I can last a couple days on what is in my backpack if I had to.  However, as much as I like to plan ahead, nothing prepares you for the curve balls that having a baby can throw at you.  

In the last seven months Grayson has traveled with us from beach to mountains, from long car rides, to adventures on a plane.  He's endured family from many generations and slept in random places.  The thing that I take from all this is that he knows that we are is safe place, his safety net. He knows that we will feed him, change him, care for him and most of all, love him unconditionally.  Recently we flew to Vermont for Grayson to meet his Great Grandfather Don.  In all the chaos of traveling with a baby I still do my best to capture the moments on my phone.  I took a picture of him looking out the window as we were 35,000ft in the air.  His sense of excitement and freedom was humbling.  He reminded me of life without fear.  

My wish for Grayson is that he will always embrace adventure and never let fear stand in his way.  My prayer is that he will take the fear with him and do whatever it is afraid.  Grayson has challenged me everyday to be the best version myself and when I fail, and I will fail many more times, he shows me his unconditional love.  He is the son I have always dreamed of and he has given me the opportunity to be the father I've always wanted to be. He is my greatest adventure. My hope is that we continue to give him a life full of exploring the unknown, embracing the adventure but always knowing that  home is just a long car ride or plane ride away.  Here is to him filling his future backpack full of all the essentials and embracing the adventure that God has in store.