backpack, some prayer and a lot of faith

Hernandez Family Session 2017-Samantha Laffoon Photography-72.jpg

About 6 years ago I remember thinking so many of my prayers were coming true. But, the truth is, I didn't remember praying for them.  I found out quickly that it wasn't God making all this happen it was me and as many of you may know when you make things happen without God they rarely turn out the way you think.  The short of it is that in a span of just a few months I went from thinking I was on top of the world and had everything to having nothing...literally nothing.  I was down to my last bit of money I had and was struggling to figure why.  Well, I quickly remembered that all things would be possible with a little prayer and a lot of faith.  

During that time in my life I began praying specifically for the trials I was in but also praying for God to teach me through the trial.  You see we are a society that wants everything now and God doesn't work that way.  God is a patient God and one that gives us exactly what we need at just the right time. Fast forward to today and I'm at home sick in bed and my son gave me his stomach bug.  As my wife and I sat watching church online this morning I was brought to tears.  I haven't been one to be excited about church lately.  In part, because I think my expectations were unrealistic.  I won't go into those details this morning but what I will share is that the message brought me to a place of solace. I laid in bed listening as the pastor recited scriptures that mean the most… the ones that I've held close as I've climbed my mountains in the past. I found myself weepy and of all the prayers God truly answered. Five years ago, I began running and praying during these runs for specific things that I needed God to do.

This morning I have different mountains that I need to climb but I hold onto the fact that was some prayer and a lot of faith God will answer those prayers just like he has before. This picture attached to this post is proof he will answer all you prayers.