Your best friend...


When we think about that first best friend we had we either can't remember them or we remember playing in the sandbox, trying solid food for the first time together and remembering that with that friend we felt safe.  

As a parent I have seen my son develop a friendship that is unlike anything else I've ever seen in my life.  The excitement my son shows when we drop him off at daycare and sit him next to his friend is something that leaves me speechless.  The two of them don't speak words but communicate on a level that none of us will understand.  They laugh, they play with toys and they connect in ways that many of us as adults should.  They don't get upset at the other, they lend each other a helping hand and stare off into the unknown with no worries in the world. Together they are each others "person"...their best friend. 

When we embark on the different stages of our life we think back to the people that influenced our life; to our friends.  I have maybe a handful of friends that I still talk to from childhood and one friend that I call my best friend. He is more than a friend; he's my family. You earn the title Best Friend when you have endured life together, experienced pain and joy, victory and defeat, marriage and divorce and when you have laughed together and cried together.  A best friend is that one person you know you can count on no matter what.  They believe in you when you don't believe in yourself and are always their to lend that helping hand.

My son teaches me something everyday.  Over the last few weeks his teaching have had the same theme; cherish the moments you have because they will be gone before you know it and their is nothing like having your best friend right by your side.